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Investment Philosophy

Return & Risk Balance

We use a combination of top-down and bottom-up strategies to optimise our investment and to strike the right balance between risk and return.


We use diversified portfolios to minimise risk. We invest in different products across a selection of stable yet profitable industries.



We aim to act flexibly to keep the risk down when there is any change in market condition, so we only invest in assets with good liquidity.

Stock Selection

We explore investment risk by using the top-down strategy. We work through a series of steps to create a framework to decide which types of investments are the most suitable for our clients. Only then do we choose individual investment products. Planning a portfolio based on risk tolerance and investment objectives will give our clients a better chance of meeting their goals within a level of risk they are comfortable with.

We also use bottom-up investing which starts by looking at a particular stock before considering how to construct the portfolio as a whole. This approach enable us to pick the top-performing investments and deliver satisfactory return to our clients.

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Bond Selection

When it comes to bond selection, we are extremely cautious and have a set of unique screening criteria. We only invest in investment grade debt issued by companies publicly listed on London Stock Exchange. The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is the primary stock exchange in the U.K. and the largest in Europe. The LSE is the most international of all stock exchanges with thousands of companies from more than 60 countries, and it is the premier source of equity-market liquidity, benchmark prices, and market data in Europe.

Fund Selection

We have a proprietary fund screening system called ArkSelect® for institutional clients, which is a set of evaluation methods developed independently since 2008 based on screening concepts of several successful Fund of Funds and asset management companies. After years of practice, the effectiveness of the screening assessment system has been verified.

The key innovation of ArkSelect® is the combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis from investors’ perspective.

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Investment Solutions Examples

Fixed Income Portfolio


Recommended Holding Period: 3-5 Years

Risk Level: Low

Expected Return: 2-4%

A fixed income portfolio is designed for investors with low risk tolerance and need income, while also wanting to protect their capital from loss of value due to inflation. It is heavily weighted with fixed- income assets including corporate bonds, gilts, infrastructure funds, money market funds, and some stocks as well.

Example Holdings:

Cash: 5%

Fixed-Income: 75%

Equities: 20%

Balanced Portfolio


Recommended Holding Period: 5-7 Years

Risk Level: Medium

Expected Return: 4-8%

A balanced portfolio assumes more risk than a cautious one, and is for investors who are comfortable with low to medium investment risks in their bid to generate higher returns. Balanced portfolios provide both income and capital appreciation, and may hold an equal mix of equities and fixed income assets.

Example Holdings:

Cash: 3%

Fixed-Income: 37%

Equities: 60%

Global Growth Portfolio


Recommended Holding Period: 5-7 Years

Risk Level: Medium to High

Expected Return: 8-12%

A growth-oriented portfolio takes on higher risk by investing mainly in the world’s leading companies’ equities and debts. It is appropriate for investors aiming for higher growth potential and have a medium to high risk tolerance. It is best for long- term investing strategies and have a potential to generate high returns.

Example Holdings:

Fixed-Income: 20%

Equities: 80%

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