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Private Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance will give you convenient access to private hospitals, and negligible waiting time comparing to that under NHS system. It will provide you and your family with comprehensive, high quality and effective medical coverage. We will choose the best solution for you from a wide range of insurance products according to your gender, age, family structure, excess, and specific requirements for medical services.

UK Private Medical Insurance

UK PMI normally gives you access to private hospitals in your local area as well as top tier Central London hospitals if you choose a comprehensive cover. In-patient services, i.e. treatments that require an overnight stay, will normally be covered without limit. Out-patient services including consultations, diagnostic tests and scans will subject to a cover limit of your choice. You may also choose some extra add-ons such as Dental cover or travel cover.

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Global Private Medical Insurance

Global Private Medical Insurance gives frequent traveler 24/7 full private care with international access. It provides evacuations by ambulance and helicopter to nearby higher tier medical facilities when necessary. It also covers maternity and childbirth services which is normally excluded in a UK PMI policy. Concierge services will take care of all administration, so you don’t need to worry about claiming procedures.

Our Partners for PMI

We work with all these UK major insurers.

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