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Xia Wang



Xia Wang is the co-founder of the Ark Investment Management and Ark Family Office. She is the Chief Investment Officer and also responsible for family succession for HNW clients. Xia was a columnist in a business newspaper in the UK and was a guest speaker in events both in the UK and China. Her recent book titled "Evaluating Hedge Fund Strategies", published by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, was well received in the investment community.


Xia is a highly skilled investment advisor and portfolio manager with extensive experience in the UK’s wealth management industry. She was a Senior Investment Manager and Head of Research at Barnett Waddingham, one of the UK’s largest investment and pension consultancy firms. Her clients include High-Net-Worth individuals, primarily business owners and financial executives, as well as pension funds and trusts. Xia’s professionalism and diligence are highly regarded by her clients, and as a result, she was able to serve them for many years, including the period of global financial crisis in 2008/2009. As a recognition of her work in promoting female leadership in the investment industry,  Xia received the inaugural Chinese Business Leaders Awards - Excellence in Asset Management in 2015. Xia holds an MSc degree in finance and investments from Durham University.

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